Prototyping for IxD

51626  Prototyping for Interaction Design | Spring 2016

Welcome to Prototyping for Interaction Design Course. This is a project-based course focusing on hands-on activities targeted at prototype design for services and designing for social innovation. To achieve this goal, we will approach prototyping for interaction design from multiple perspectives.

By studying various types of user interfaces, from conventional UI design to tangible UI and immersive UI design, we will learn how to integrate interaction design into our everyday experiences with meaningful insights. This course is intended for MA students in Design; all other students by permission of the instructor. The Designing For Interactions course is taught at the School of Design at Carnegie Mellon University by instructor, Austin S. Lee and teaching collaborator, Kyoungjoo Kim in the spring semester of 2016.


all course materials copyright © Austin S. Lee, Carnegie Mellon School of Design  & Kyoungjoo Kim 2016 | video: Projects from Carnegie Mellon School of Design’s MDES/MPS STUDIO 1, 51-711 Fall 2015